We have Pharmacists available both face to face in all our locations, and 24/7 via Phone

At Kare, our focus is on your quality of life and wellbeing. Our pharmacists combined have over 200 years of experience in pharmacy care, many of which hold doctorates in pharmacy. The Kare Team is committed to helping you stay healthy and providing you with outstanding service. Kare Pharmacists are your personal advocates for better health care.
Kare continues to focus on delivering the highest level of service in all our stores. In fact we make it extremely easy to fill all your prescriptions at Kare.

Choose from one of our convenient prescription filling options:

Choose Fast Fill for high class in store service, with minimal wait time.

Kare will fill your prescriptions in-store with minimal wait times (unlike the other guys). We will make sure your medications are checked for compliance, dosage, and drug to drug interactions. Our pharmacists will also make time to speak with you one on one about your prescriptions and answer any questions about the medications or interactions to avoid.

Choose Easy Delivery for fast delivery in the comfort of your home or work environment

Kare will deliver your prescriptions to your residence or work at no charge – we even offer same day delivery on prescriptions filled before Noon. Just ask for FREE HOME DELIVERY when you call or visit any Kare Pharmacy location.

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